Onisuke Outer Mask

In 1250 at the height of feudal Japan, a gigantic demon emerged from the underworld to terrorise and destroy the city of Kamakura. Emperor Kaito asked for volunteers to stop him, but only two men came to his call – Takeshi, the fiercest and most loyal samurai of his personal guard, and Sasuke a young palace servant.

The emperor offered his best blacksmith to make them the best weapons in the kingdom. Takeshi asked for the best katana and armour in all of Japan to be built and Sasuke asked for a mask of the best steel which resembled the face of the gigantic as closely as possible and which was bathed in goat blood.

The next day the two men found the devil. Takeshi, in an act of courage, ran towards the enemy delivering multiple blows to his body, but his hard, scaly skin hardly suffered even a scratch. The evil devil tired of the annoying blows from the samurai, and so dealt a devastating blow that crushed him.

Sasuke put on his mask and stood in front of the enemy, mocking him. The demon was enraged and, drawn to the smell of blood, swallowed him in a single bite to cause him a slow and distressing death inside his stomach. However, once inside the beast, Sasuke grabbed his steel mask tightly and used the horns as if they were knives to pierce the demon’s stomach, causing his death.

As a reward, the emperor gave Sasuke his daughter Miyuki’s hand in marriage.

The first and only masks in the world made of high-quality stainless steel.

Design: Francisco Javier – Ink Somnium Tatto (Jhon Domínguez)

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